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If you would like to know more about our services you can contact us by E-mail address  at billrice625@yahoo.com.


    Pictured above are two INTEL based computers that we have built recently.  The one on the right is a work in progress and still has some cosmetic touches to be done on it.  All the computers we sell  are hand assembled and fully upgradeable.  We add the features you want like custom cases, extra large power supplies and extra cooling capacity with/without led lights.  You can even choose processors types like single, dual or quad core, memory type & speed, hard drive capacity, what type of CD or DVD drives and how many you would like.  Each system can be purchased  either with or without an operating system.  if you want a new operating system you have the  choice of Vista 64, Vista 32, XP Pro, XP Pro64, XP Home along with your choice of up to four Giga Bytes memory.  You get to choose exactly want you want in the system and we build it to your specifications. 

    We offer both shop & home repair services on most brands of computer but do not work on Apple products at this time.  Need help setting up a home network or a web site designed?  B&J Custom Computers can help you out there too.  We offer cleaning, upgrade, and viruses removal services along with installing anti-virus, anti-spy ware and firewall software programs.   Again, all the choices are yours to make we supply the expertise to get the job done.  If you would like to more information about us, just E-mail us with your questions.  You will find our advice is free and our prices are very reasonable.

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